Radmila Besic

Classical Guitar with Radmila Besic

CD-Cover "Bach, Mozart, Giuliani, Mertz", Radmila Besic (classical guitar)

Bach, Mozart, Giuliani, Mertz

EAN 4031917002883

This CD has just been released in November 2010. You will find 17 tracks on it with pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mauro Giuliani and Johann Kaspar Mertz taken from my concert and event repertoire.

On january 21st 2011 the CD was first introduced on german public radio:
BR Klassik, CD-Box: "Neuerscheinungen - ausgepackt & aufgelegt"
they played Tracks 10-14 (Johann Kaspar Mertz, from "Bardenklänge", op.13) and Track 6 (Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita h-moll, Tempo die Borea, BWV 1002)

How to buy the CD:
contact me using the contact form (see also Home) or visit one of my concerts or events.
You can also find the CD in the web shop of Chanterelle-Verlag.

In Munich (Germany), you may also buy "Bach, Mozart, Giuliani, Mertz" at these locations:

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