Gitarrenbau Gerhard Schnabl:

Two of my master guitars (spruce/rosewood) were built by this luthier. The younger one can be heared on my CD.
Both guitars have a wonderfull sound and are quite immune to loosing their tuning by environmental influences. They clearly differ in character.

Gitarrenbau Claus Voigt:

The master guitar (spruce/flammed mountain maple) I recently bought, was build by this luthier. After presenting this wonderful instrument multiple times for him (press-conference/trade-fair), I simply wanted to keep it in my hands. Its noble, clear sound and its easy handling enchanted me immediately.

Chanterelle Verlag:

Sheet music for classical guitar, published and sold by a classical guitarist. You can also buy my CD here.

Alexander Stöhr, classical guitar:

What could be more beautiful than the sound of a guitar?

The sound of two guitars! Even more, if you harmonize as we do: RABESTA - munich guitar duo.